Innovation in Design

and Functionality.

WOW. I just toured the NASPL Matrix. What an amazing accomplishment. It's not just the most fabulous and comprehensive resource in the industry... the website is so incredibly user-friendly and appealing and just plain fun-to-use. You went from zero to 60 in record time.- Paul Jason, CEO - Public Gaming Research Institute
Paul has been and continues to be an asset to our organization. His ability to take a concept and implement it on time is invaluable. He always finds creative ways to make what he produces user-friendly. If Paul isn't able to provide an answer he researches the topic, learns the skill required, and moves forward without missing a step. He was instrumental in creating the NASPL Data Site (Online Data Entry Site) and the NASPL Matrix.- Andy White, VP of Operations - NASPL
Paul has designed a couple of functional programs and websites for us. He has also designed an on-line event registration system from scratch. He has done an excellent job for us.- Tom Tulloch, Director of Administration - NASPL